Book and play a FREE Virtual Reality Escape Room!

FREE VIRTUAL REALITY ESCAPE ROOM PLAYERS NEEDED TO TEST GAME!Who wants to give test out the new Virtual Reality Escape Room we are considering adding to our lineup? We are running a limited number of FREE games in exchange for a quick survey about your thoughts on the game. We have posted a few games online starting with this Tuesday. ALTHOUGH YOU WILL BE CHARGED A SMALL FEE TO BOOK YOUR GAME THE FEE WILL BE REFUNDED WHEN YOU ARRIVE TO PLAY.

Come give Space Station Tiberia a try today! Press the “Book Now” button to be directed to our reservation page. Currently, we have the virtual reality game available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The game is for 2-4 players . You will be charged $5 per player but it will be refunded the day you come play when you complete a survey about your experience with the new game.

Private rooms for groups of 2 or more on select days!

All of our games are private. We do not mix two groups of people who do not know each other. We made this decision before the Covid-19 started and we plan to continue it after Covid-19 is over. It just seems better. Monday through Thursday we only require a minimum of 2 people to reserve a room (4 people required Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.) No where else offers a private room for so few people. ( We would suggest that smaller groups start with The Time Machine game. Our Dracula’s Castle game can be a bit challenging for less than 4 people.)

What to expect?

You and your group will enter one of our themed puzzle rooms and have one hour to complete your mission. Perhaps you will need to get your time machine fixed and back to the correct time. Maybe you will have to destroy an evil vampire that has been terrorizing your village. Or just may have to discover the cure for the zombie virus before one of your team mates turns into the walking dead. Explore, discover, and solve puzzles together. But keep an eye on the timer… you only have one hour!