Escape From Qurus IV 

You are working on the mining planet of Qurus IV. Someone has dug too deep and now the planet is unstable. You have 60 minutes to escape the planet before it explodes. Can you solve puzzles, launch the spaceship, and Escape from Qurus IV? 

Fastest time: 44 mins 15 seconds 

Success rate: 42 percent 

The Lost Temple 

A famed archeologist has disappeared. Your team has been sent to the lost temple to investigate where he is and to unlock the secrets of the temple. But the natives are not happy to have visitors. They are organizing an attack party. You have one hour to unlock the secrets of the temple before they arrive. You will have to work fast. Do you hear those drums in the background? 

Success rate: 55 percent 

Fastest time : 33 mins 

Number of players: 2 - 8 

Cost : $24 per player 

Cost : $24 per person 

Number of players: 2-8