Our Rooms

The Time Machine: Wright Place, Wrong Time

Oops. Professor Wright, who usually isn’t, has done it again. It was supposed to be a quick trip in the time machine to the past, see some sights, then back to the workshop. You managed to get to the correct place, but the wrong time. You must get your time machine working again and back to the correct time in one hour. Otherwise… well, let’s not even consider what would happen if you failed. 

*** Private bookings. Your party of 4-8 will play alone.

Dracula’s Castle

Count Dracula’s reign of terror must come to an end! Professor Van Helsing made this his mission. Gathering all his wits and strength he entered Dracula’s Castle to face the evil Count. He never returned, becoming the next victim of the vampire. The task now falls on you and your group. Bringing only your lantern, your group must explore the dark castle, solve its mysteries, and destroy the vampire. Your time is limited. Night falls in one hour, and the vampire will wake… And he is not too fond of visitors in his castle trying to kill him.

Escape Room Lititz presents their newest escape room, “Dracula’s Castle.” This unique game takes place in the dark, except for a few candles and the lanterns your group carries. Are you ready for the challenge? Who will win? Your group or the vampire?

*** Very limited bookings available.
*** Yes… It is dark.
*** Private bookings. Your party of 4-6 will play alone.